What a person does for a living is often what they spend the majority of their time on. The tasks involved with their work can be all encompassing. That being said, what a person does as a profession does not have to define them. A person can make a choice to let their work be their work and something else be their passion. Bradley Sudol is as a master electrician as a profession and he has worked hard to be exemplary at his job. He is certified in N.C.C.E.R., low voltage wiring, fire alarm nicet, osha, and others as well as an accomplished carpenter. He does take his occupation seriously and works to make sure his clients are all taken care of to the best of his abilities. When he is not working as an electrician or carpenter, he is putting his efforts towards supporting the different organizations that are working and doing the research towards a permanent cure for Alzheimer’s as well as better detection and treatment options.

Alzheimer’s currently affects over 5.5 million Americans. This number is continually growing and does not include the families and friends that must watch their loved ones struggle through the symptoms of this disease. While there are options for treatments, none are a cure which means the disease continues to progress while the patients take the medications provided. Bradley Sudol volunteers and donates to an organization called “Walk to End Alzheimer’s Association.” Walk to End Alzheimer’s Association is a national organization that raises awareness and financial support for a cure as well as research and detection methods.